Are you interested in a realistic and professional unit?

Our operations focus on cooperative gameplay. We try to keep the structure and tactics that we employ as close to the historical thing as possible, though we do believe that gameplay should go above historical accuracy. Overall we go for a mixture of accuracy and entertainment. We don't limit ourselves solely to the Germans but also play as other nations. At set intervals, we also play side-missions that are independent from the ongoing campaign to keep things fresh.

"The Russian Colossus...has been underestimated by us...whenever a dozen divisions are destroyed the Russians replace them with another dozen."

Franz Halder von Armin

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2.Panzer-Division?

The 2.Panzer-Division is a Wehrmacht virtual milsim unit, for the latest Armed Assault title, ArmA III. The bulk of our previous experience has been in the Invasion '44 mod for ArmA 2 and the Red Orchestra series of games.

How much is historically based?

Our goal is to keep the structure of the Gruppen as close to their historical layout as possible by referencing manuals from the time. However, we do make some changes here and there for gameplay reasons. A fair bit of research also goes into our campaigns to give as accurate a representation of whatever real battle or event a particular campaign is based on as possible. This includes weapons and equipment used, as well as our order of battle.

Do you use mods?

Yes. To provide a more complete experience of the World War 2 setting, we use the relevant mods that are required in order to provide the best experience. These mods affect uniforms, equipment, vehicles, maps etc. The mod collection and installation instructions will be provided when enlisting.

Where are you primarily based?

The majority of our members are located in Europe. We will accept anyone on the globe, so long as their time zone does not significantly inhibit their ability to participate or otherwise cause them too many problems.

Do you only speak German?

Primarily we do not, there is only a small amount of German phrases and terms that will be used for formations and immersion, everything else is conducted in English.

Is there an age requirement to enlist?

No, we do not wish to exclude members of a lower age, but we expect that all members demonstrate the same level of respect and maturity in all situations.

I've only recently bought ArmA III, will this be an issue?

Not at all. We accept players of any skill or experience level, and all necessary information to brief new players on the basics of the game and our unit is provided through our manuals.

Do you only play ArmA III?

Officially, we are fixed to using ArmA III and it's avaliable content and modifications. Unofficially, we conduct regular gaming sessions in a variety of titles throughout the week.

Are we free to record our operation sessions?

Absolutely. We encourage members to record and take screenshots to contribute to media for the website, and for valuable intel on our internal campaigns.

Do you play with 3rd person view?

No, we do not.

Is there any additional software I need except ArmA III and Steam?

In order to join, you must at least have a Steam account (with ArmA 3 of course) and a Discord account. The latter is what we use as the primary means of communication and announcements.
Lastly, we use a program called Arma 3 Sync in order to maintain and distribute our mod pack. We have both written and video guides on our forum that guide new Rekruten through the process of setting it up.

"The battle is going very heavily against us. We're being crushed by the enemy weight. We are facing very difficult days, perhaps the most difficult that a man can undergo."

Erwin Rommel

Meet our Council

The council deals with internal disputes in the unit, and performs the majority of the administration, server maintenance, and communication with people outside of the unit.


Thank you for your interest in our unit! For us to get to know you, as well as checking to see if you are eligible for joining the unit, please fill in this application form in order to enlist in the recruitment program. After your application has been received, we will contact you via Steam to arrange an interview.

Information concerning our unit, equipment, mod list, and contact details are found in the corresponding sections of this website. Please feel free to read through them before applying. If there is anything you are unsure of or confused about, please include it at the bottom of your application and we will answer any questions you may have.

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Our unit uses Discord as its primary means of day-to-day communication. Having a Discord account and joining our server is therefore mandatory.
If you don't have a Discord account already, please follow this link and create one.
Note that you MUST join before submitting your application, otherwise our interviewers can't contact you!
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"You hit somebody with your fist and not with your fingers spread."

Heinz Guderian




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"The first demand in war is decisive action."

Ludwig Beck